About Us

When INKAS first opened its doors in 2012, we set out to protect people around the world by providing them with high quality, dependable and premium armored vehicles. As a company we are committed to making the world a safer place by combining world-class engineering and design with the highest quality materials and expertise to provide safe and luxurious vehicles internationally. The ability to combine quality with opulence has enabled us to become a world leading manufacturer of armored vehicles, exporting throughout the GCC, Africa and Europe. We serve embassies, consulates, militaries, NGOs, UN departments and security companies internationally, assuring protection in some of the world’s most threatening  and dangerous environments, allowing safe transportation in conflict-prone and life-threatening situations. We also supply VIP clients with tailor-made luxury armored vehicles.

Our commitment

Here at INKAS it’s the little things that make an impact. Our work ethic is the foundation to our success. With years of experience in the industry, and with our enthusiasm, knowledge and highly skilled team, we are dedicated to delivering our clients with perfect results.

Our Facilities – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Laser Cutting Facility for Materials

Our laser-cutting technologies facilitate easy customizations of all kinds of vehicles. We focus on precision, personalization and incredible attention to detail

Main Production Facility

Our facilities have recently been expanded to 7 workshops on the territory of 157,000 sq ft. We manufacture and test our vehicles to comply with highest international standards. INKAS’ state-of-the-art production lines foster an environment of innovation